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Thesis: Open Anonymity - Anonymity in indicated data networks

Open Anonymity - The Working System -> Turing Test:
In most of the cases, you can trust the Id of the Requester, because most of the spiders of search engines are recognizable by this Id. For the chicken-hearted, there is a possibility to don't count on the right signature. This test is to part Spiders from humans. It uses the ez-gimpy Perl Script from the Captcha Project to show this feature. When you can read the text in the image beneath, there is a high possibility that you are not a dumb computer, maybe you are a human. This test is a quick hack, although the script is bug-fixed a little bit, the word in the image is passed to the check-script via hidden value in the form(look into source of this page). This should be implemented in a way, that the requester can't access the word in such simple case. Furthermore, the image should change automatically after about 30 sec, otherwise trained robots can pass this test with a possibility of 80%.

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