Open Anonymity
How it works
Diploma Thesis
Thesis: Open Anonymity - Anonymity in indicated data networks

Feature List (in order of appearance):

Tag Filter The Apache Filter Module filters all with <anonym>...</anonym> marked content out of the response.
on-the-fly Filter Define which words to filter on a per-directory level via database.
PostgrSQL, MySQL and Oracle support because of the usage of libdbi database abstraction layer within the XML Producer Module, all of this databases could be supported. All database connection data is configurable via httpd.conf.
WIN / Linux enabled

most of the components could be installed and used both under Linux and Windows. The tested environment is:
RedHat 8.0
PHP(only for the showcase)
perl (for captchas)
Gimp(for Captchas)
Apache 2.0.45

Trusted / Untrusted spider mode It is configurable if Open Anonymity should count on the requesters signature or if the requester first has to pass a turing test done by Captchas to get access to the sensitive data. Succesfull verification is announced to Open Anonymity via Cookie (shame on me:-).
Apache 2.x support (DSO) Open Anonymity is not available for Apache 1.3.x.
Database functionality could be disable When DB functionality is disabled in httpd.conf, XML Producer will take the list in the config element of the openanonymity.xml to update the anonymize list in the page elements. So it is possible to manually change the XML File.
standalone Filter When you decide to change the openanonymity.xml file manually, there is no need for the XML Producer Module. So the whole system is very simple, you don't need a Database. The installation process for the standalone filter is then very simple, you would only need Apache and Open Anonymity. (no need for PostgreSQL, libdbi, php, perl, etc).
filtering of any content like images, audio etc. In some cases it could be useful to filter images, think of search engines who are familiar with image processing (OCR) or with analysing audio content, like this one from Compaq. It could be also useful to extend Open Anonymity to act different on user-groups. (Watch out ToDo-List)
filtering of ASCII pdf's pdf's saved in ASCII could also be filtered when text is marked with <anonym> tags
name of XML Tags configurable The name of the Tags to filter is configurable in the httpd.conf (default is <anonym></anonym>). Change it to <what_the_hell></is_this> if necessary.
anonymous words are case-sensitive words out of the DB are case sensitive. For the reason, look at Architecture